The Benefits Of Stretching For Overall Health In Bentonville AR

The Benefits Of Stretching For Overall Health In Bentonville AR

Chiropractic Bentonville AR Benefits Of Stretching

Many people think of stretching as a pre- and post-workout activity to avoid muscle cramps and pain. But you don’t have to wait for a workout to incorporate stretching into your daily habits. Stretching has numerous health benefits and has even spurred on some routines and exercise programs of its own. Similar to yoga, stretching studios have been popping up all over the country with the aim to improve flexibility and relaxation. No longer just for professional athletes or entertainers, stretching studios bring the work of a personal trainer to you. This new stretching trend is also helping people increase their daily activity when it comes to getting more exercise, and stretching, of course, is helping folks recover from their other exercises. If you’re considering seeing a Bentonville AR chiropractor or if you’re already a long-time chiro aficionado, chiropractic care and stretching go hand-in-hand for healthy minds and bodies.

Improved Overall Health in Bentonville AR

Over 80% of Americans don’t exercise enough, according to one stretching expert. One great way to ease into an exercise regimen is to start with stretching, as it can increase muscle strength and flexibility, which plays a huge part in keeping our bodies aligned, moving properly, and out of pain. Tight, tense muscles run the risk of creating joining issues, strains, and tears—not to mention less serious but still disruptive issues, like soreness, weakness, tightness, and pain. When muscles aren’t stretched regularly, they run the risk of injury, which can leave you in pain and take you out of your exercise routine for weeks or even months. Furthermore, this situation can be exacerbated by injured muscles’ failure to support your joints and spine adequately.

If you’re considering making stretching a part of your health routine, Dr. Tom Niemela and his staff at Arbor Vitae Chiropractic in Bentonville, Arkansas can help you make the most of your stretching with natural, safe, and beneficial chiropractic care. In addition to preventing discomfort and injury to your body, stretching, like chiropractic care, can generate many health benefits like increased range of motion, better posture, and improved digestion, just to name a few. Stretching is also vital to your health if you work in a job where you’re sitting down or sedentary most of the time.

Tips for Stretching Properly

Stretching properly is essential to making your stretching routine count. Stretching incorrectly can not only prevent you from reaping the benefits, but could also exacerbate existing issues or cause new damage. Start out by stretching gently all over, as opposed to focusing on one part of the body or muscle group. Our muscles are all intertwined, so if you’re stretching to relieve pain in a specific part, it may help to stretch other muscles as well. Stretching should feel like slight to moderate tension as you hold positions for a period of time, but stretching should not cause strain or pain like you might feel from a workout.

If you’re looking to improve your overall health and reap the benefits of increased flexibility, relaxation, and mobility, book an appointment with Bentonville chiropractor Dr. Tom Niemela at Arbor Vitae Chiropractic.


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