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SoftWave Therapy in Bentonville AR is a non-invasive therapy device that produces shockwaves using a unique, ground-breaking technique. It has never-before-seen benefits for both sports and medicine. Chronic pain is quickly relieved, and recovery times are considerably accelerated with long-lasting effects. This is a transformative adjustment that is unique and gentle!

The scientific validation of TRT SoftWave's ability to attract and trigger endogenous cell synthesis enables the body to genuinely begin healing from within. Blood flow can be permanently improved with SoftWave therapy. It has been established that this results in angio/vasculogenesis (the creation of new blood vessels) at the treatment site as well as the release of a number of immune factors and an increase in ATP.

Additionally, SoftWave quickly stops the inflammatory process. Results usually include the relaxation of muscular adhesions and stiffness as well as an instant and long-lasting reduction of chronic pain. Range of motion improvement is a typical outcome of SoftWave therapy. In addition to being utilized for treatment, the Softwave device also offers diagnostic feedback that allows the "cause of pain" to be precisely identified, acting as a crucial tool for effective treatment. This feedback mechanism enables us to pinpoint the specific location of the issue.

How does SoftWave Therapy work in Bentonville AR?

An electrical discharge with a high level of energy occurs in water to produce soft waves. The positive and negative poles of an electrode's opposing tips are where the voltage is discharged. A plasma bubble is produced as a result of the voltage being equalized between the two electrode tips due to the arcing or spark gap. Within just a few nanoseconds, this bubble creates a pressure greater than 10 MPa, and scatters in all directions, compressing the water in its vicinity (10-9 ns).

Through parallel waves of low intensity, unfocused SoftWave energy is applied using a proprietary parabolic reflector applicator. Despite traveling 5 times as quickly (3355 mph) in water as it does in air (767 mph), electrohydraulic shock wave energy does not result in microtrauma. It is possible to apply energy to a sizable area of superficial and deep tissue using the SoftWave proprietary unfocused applicator design. This encourages a biological response to the target area, which starts the body's natural healing process.

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Is SoftWave Therapy the same as Shockwave Therapy?

Kind of, but not quite. Everyday life is surrounded by shock waves. They are caused by pressure fluctuations that are violent, such as those caused by supersonic aircraft, explosions, lightning, earthquakes, or other natural occurrences. The wavefront, where compression occurs, is a region of abrupt and severe change in stress, density, and temperature, which distinguishes shock waves from sound waves. When the amplitude is increased, shock waves become faster than sound waves.

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT), often known as shockwave therapy, is a non-invasive procedure that involves sending shock waves to an injured location in an effort to speed up recovery. This procedure generates shock waves that are incredibly powerful at starting biological regeneration processes at the cellular level. Shockwave therapy is a type of treatment that uses technology to deliver quick, frequent, and high-intensity bursts of mechanical energy (in the form of shockwaves) into sore or inflamed soft tissue.

SoftWave therapy, on the other hand, uses unfocused rather than focused, ESWT. It's a gentler form of shockwave therapy that doesn't result in trauma to the area, and has a larger zone of treatment. It's great for reducing lots of inflammation and stimulates healing.

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Niki came to us with "Extreme foot pain, especially when barefoot." Since completing her SoftWave Tissue Regenerative treatment plan she's thrilled to report: "The pain is gone!! I can walk literally miles every day without any pain. I can also walk barefoot (my favorite) without pain." Niki is now walking 5 miles a day pain free!

Ray had been living with Peripheral neuropathy in both feet that caused burning, tingling, and numbness. It got so bad in his right foot that one night he told his wife, "Take me to the hospital so I can have my foot removed! The pain was unrelenting and I couldn't get any sleep." Since then, with SoftWave treatments, he's experiencing less numbness, tingling, and pain allowing for better sleep. He's also walking 45 minutes a day and 2 1/2 miles!

Mary's knee pain due to injury and arthritis had nearly reached a ten. She was forced to curtail her love of dance and gardening; then she started SoftWave. Now, she's happy to report almost no pain in her knee and greater mobility. In her words, "This is the only treatment that has given me hope. I have been able to resume almost all the activities I was doing before." Mary continues to enjoy line dancing classes, ballet and spending all day in her yard and garden.

"My name is Ava and I am a softball pitcher. My high school season begins in February and goes through May and then in June and July I pitch for a travel team with a very full (5 days a week) tournament schedule. By the end of July, I was having significant shoulder pain, as well as some residual elbow pain from a previous injury. I was struggling to do many of my daily activities. I began PT and after several weeks, I had minimal pain relief. My dad found out about SoftWave and convinced me to try it. After starting SoftWave my pain decreased tremendously. I have been able to return to all of my activities including pitching. SoftWave now helps me recover faster and avoid soreness/pain."

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