Chiropractic Care Reduces the Need for Birth Interventions That Can Cause Short- and Long-Term Health Effects for Children

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Birth interventions are common nowadays and are sometimes a medical necessity for the health of mom and baby. But sometimes, convenience plays a part in our decision to undergo these interventions, the most common ones being induced labor with hormones, delivery with vacuum or forceps, or a Cesarean Section.  The problem with these birth interventions is that they can lead to health concerns for children both immediately following birth and later in life.  A recent study out of Australia is causing many health professionals to rethink their positions on birth interventions.  This study looked at the effects of birth interventions on children from the first 28 days of life all the way until five years of age.  Researchers followed over 500,000 women from 2000-2008 who had low risk, healthy pregnancies to discover what types of interventions were used during birth and what the overall health effects were on their children. 

The Study Findings

The study concluded that birth interventions did, in fact, put children more at risk for health concerns.  Babies that were born through other methods besides spontaneous vaginal births were more at risk for jaundice and feeding problems within their first 28 days of life.  Cesarean births also led to lower temperatures in babies that required medical intervention to correct.  Both medical professionals and parents should be aware of the risks associated with birth interventions, especially C-Section births, in order to make informed decisions based on the risk-reward factors. 

The long-term health effects of birth interventions were also significant in children up to age five.  This study found that children who underwent birth interventions of any kind were more at risk for health concerns such as diabetes, eczema, obesity, or respiratory problems such as pneumonia or bronchitis.  Most parents assume that medical interventions are always a necessity.  While there is a time and a place for everything, parents should be educated on their options in order to make informed decisions before, during, and after delivery.  One of the best choices a woman can make is to be proactive during pregnancy to prepare the body for delivery in order to prevent birth interventions as much as possible.  It is important for women to understand that chiropractic care from a Bentonville chiropractor is one of the best ways to prepare the body for a healthy, safe, and natural delivery.

Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

Bentonville chiropractor Dr. Tom Niemela practices neurologically-based chiropractic that can help prepare women’s bodies for birth, ultimately making the birthing experience easier for both mom and baby.  When your body is prepared, it can significantly decrease the need for birth interventions during delivery.  One of the most common reasons for a C-Section is a baby in the breech position. Chiropractic care has a 92% success rate in turning breech babies into proper position so that you can avoid a Cesarean birth.  Chiropractic care can also make you more comfortable during pregnancy by ensuring the spine and hips are in alignment.  This not only takes the pressure off of your hips and back, but also makes more room for the baby in the womb.  Studies have shown that one of the many benefits of chiropractic care is that it can even reduce labor time by 25%-30%!

If you are pregnant and considering your prenatal and birthing options, be sure to include chiropractic care into your regular regimen for a healthier pregnancy and delivery.  Contact Dr. Tom Niemela of Arbor Vitae Chiropractic to set up an appointment today.




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