Chiropractic Offers Constipation Relief

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While constipation can be an uncomfortable topic to discuss and live with, it is far more of a problem across that United States than most people realize.  Digestive issues are on the rise, affecting over 63 million Americans.  Constipation is a painful digestive problem that can cause bloating, back pain, and abdominal pain.  However, serious cases of constipation could lead to larger, more uncomfortable health problems such as anal fissures, hemorrhoids, nausea and vomiting, or rectal prolapse.  Men, women, and children alike can suffer from painful symptoms of constipation, although babies, elderly people, and pregnant women are more prone to experience constipation issues.  There is no one solution that works for everyone.  Some people have success by changing their diet while others may try laxatives or medication to ease constipation symptoms.  To truly address the problem of constipation, you must first address the root issue that is causing the health concern.  Chiropractic care from a Bentonville chiropractor will treat the overall health of the body’s systems with the primary focus on getting to the root of the problem.

Why Am I Constipated?

There are many reasons why you may experience constipation at any given time.  An improper diet could be a cause. Some medications taken over a long period of time have constipation as a side effect.  Additionally, relying on laxatives all the time to clean your bowels can actually have a reverse effect and lead to constipation. Oftentimes, a misalignment of the lumbar spine can cause a miscommunication in your central nervous system and your digestive system, leading to constipation. No matter what is causing your discomfort, it is time to find a solution.  Because medications only treat the symptoms and not the cause, they are not an ideal solution. However, being under chiropractic care in Bentonville has been proven to provide constipation relief.

Nerve Interference Can Cause Constipation

Addressing the root problem is the only way to correct constipation for good.  Nerve interference can be the initial problem that is leading to constipation symptoms.  Misalignments of the spine can cause nerve interference between the spinal cord and the rest of the body, which leads to health issues like digestion problems and constipation.  Specifically, a misalignment in the lumbar spine can interrupt communication between the central nervous system and the large intestines which can affect bowel movements.  Gentle adjustments from Bentonville chiropractor Dr. Tom Niemela will remove these misalignments, opening up the lines of communication and restoring function to the intestines, relieving all symptoms of constipation.

Chiropractic is a Proven Method for Managing Constipation

Bowel movements vary from person to person. On average, three bowel movements a week up to three bowel movements a day is considered normal.  If you are experiencing painful bowel movements that are hard to pass, know that chiropractic is a proven method to help relieve the pain of constipation.  Case studies show that chiropractic has worked for others, and it can work for you too. In a case study of three children ages two and under who experienced constipation symptoms, chiropractic was able to offer relief from straining, bleeding, and pain.  After regular visits to a chiropractor, each child was able to pass a bowel movement every one to two days with no straining.  Additionally, other case studies have shown that chiropractic is sometimes an immediate fix as several children pass a bowel movement shortly after their first adjustment.  Not only is chiropractic safe and effective, but it works!  If you are tired of living with the pain and discomfort of constipation, contact Dr. Tom Niemela of Arbor Vitae Chiropractic and get to the root cause of your problem today!



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