It Is Possible for Your Child to Get a Good Night’s Sleep with Chiropractic Care

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When children don’t sleep well at night, it can affect their health.  It can also negatively impact others as well, such as siblings or parents who also experience a lack of sleep.  Sleep deprivation in children can lead to a myriad of problems, such as behavior issues or developmental disorders.  Sometimes, not sleeping at night may be caused by a bad habit, but often, there is an underlying cause that needs to be addressed.  If your child is struggling to get a good night’s sleep, talk to a Bentonville chiropractor about how chiropractic can address the root cause of sleeping problems to help your child (and yourself!) sleep all night long.

How Can Lack of Sleep Affect Children?

A lack of sleep of children is more often seen alongside other issues such as ADHD, behavioral issues, hyperactivity, stunted brain development, or growth and developmental issues.  The root cause of sleep issues may be in conjunction with these neurological or physical issues that also need to be addressed.  When faced with these concerns, parents might first turn to medication.  But medication is only a short-term solution that can cause a slew of other problems, and it doesn’t actually address the root cause of the sleeping problems.  Pediatric chiropractic care with Bentonville chiropractor Dr. Tom Niemela focuses on improving sleep patterns as well as any other health concerns associated with sleeping problems in order to help children establish a better sleep cycle and get plenty of rest each night.

Chiropractic Care for Healthy Sleep Patterns

While chiropractic care is most often associated with back or neck pain, it actually has amazing benefits for the whole person, including sleep habits.  Upon your initial visit, Dr. Tom Niemela of Arbor Vitae Chiropractic will perform an assessment of your child’s spine to check for spinal misalignments.  Spinal misalignments disrupt nerve communication in the body, which may be causing your child’s sleep issues. Spinal misalignments may be impacting hormone regulation that affect sleep, and they can also lead to inflammation in the body or neurological problems that can cause an inability to sleep well at night.  After an examination and some education about chiropractic, Dr. Niemela will gently adjust the spine to remove misalignments and restore proper nerve communication so the body can function as it should.

Will It Work for My Child?

Case studies have proven that chiropractic is incredibly effective for helping children get a good night’s rest.  In one case study, a young girl struggled with Prader-Willi, scoliosis, and sleep problems at night.  In addition to therapy, she underwent chiropractic care.  After 6 months of care, her scoliosis decreased, her body was more balanced, and she was able to sleep better at night.  Another case study focused on an infant with excessive gas, bouts of crying, reflux, and interrupted sleep at night.  After only 4 visits, symptoms decreased and uninterrupted sleep at night increased substantially.

When sleep just isn’t happening at your house, consider pediatric chiropractic care for your child.  Contact Dr. Tom Niemela of Arbor Vitae Chiropractic and schedule an appointment today.




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