Chiropractic Care Is Beneficial After Experiencing Concussions

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An injury to the head either from direct impact or intense shaking is called a concussion.  A concussion is considered a Traumatic Brain Injury and should be treated carefully.  If you have been in a car accident, suffered a head injury while playing sports, or experienced a fall that affected the head, you may have suffered from a concussion as well.  Both children and adults alike can get a concussion from trauma to the head.  Recovering from a concussion can take time, but a Bentonville chiropractor can aid in the recovery process for a faster, easier healing period. Additionally, chiropractic care can improve your overall health to prevent future concussions.

Be Aware of Signs and Symptoms

Concussions can be harmful to your health, especially if left untreated.  Signs of a concussion may be hardly noticeable at all, while at other times the symptoms are severe.  Either way, at the first sign that something is wrong, don’t hesitate to seek treatment.  Look for signs of dizziness, confusion, loss of balance, memory problems, blurry vision, drowsiness, sensitivity to light and sound, nausea or vomiting, delayed reaction time, unequal pupil sizes, irritability, abnormal eye movement, and seizures.  Some symptoms will appear right away after trauma to the head, while others may not develop until later or at all.  If you have experienced a head trauma of any kind and notice any of these symptoms after injury, consult a doctor immediately. 

After Consulting a Doctor, Visit a Chiropractor

When concussions occur, the brain comes into contact with the skull, causing bruising on the brain.  Most concussions won’t cause brain damage, but they do require time to fully heal and recover.  Multiple concussions can increase the likelihood of brain swelling after an injury to the head, which could prove to be fatal.  To promote healing after a head injury, consult with a Bentonville chiropractor.  Chiropractic care increases blood flow and oxygen to the injured brain to speed up the healing process.  Not only can chiropractic care with Dr. Tom Niemela of Arbor Vitae Chiropractic improve blood flow to help bruises on the brain heal faster, but it can also remove spinal misalignments that may affect how the body functions.  When the spine is in proper alignment, there is no nerve interference causing dysfunction within the body so that the body can function at high levels of health to heal itself efficiently.

How Do I Know Chiropractic Works?

Research shows that chiropractic is a natural and effective method that has helped many people heal faster after a concussion.  In one particular study, a 31-year-old woman suffered from dizziness, nausea, neck pain, and headaches due to a concussion from a fall.  After just 8 visits to a chiropractor over two and a half weeks, she experienced total relief from concussion symptoms.  Chiropractic is such an effective method not only for optimal healing after a concussion, but also for the overall health of the whole body. Because of this, most sports teams across the nation have implemented chiropractic care into their regular sports regimens. 

If you or someone you love has suffered from a concussion, contact Dr. Tom Neimela of Arbor Vitae Chiropractic for faster healing time as well as improved overall health of function of the body. 



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