Pediatric Chiropractic Is Great for Infants and Kids

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Chiropractic care is not just for adults.  Infants and children can benefit a great deal from pediatric chiropractic care.  In fact, pediatric chiropractic can reduce both sleep problems and behavior problems, and it contributes to whole health from an early age, helping children grow up in the healthiest way possible.  It is absolutely safe for children, and the benefits of pediatric chiropractic care make it a great way to be proactive about your children’s health.

Adjustments for Children

Spinal misalignments in children are just as common as in adults and should be corrected.  Many parents often express concern for their children and worry that chiropractic care may not be safe. But nothing is further from the truth! Studies have shown that children are not harmed during chiropractic adjustments, but instead benefit from an overall healthier lifestyle.  Bentonville chiropractor Dr. Tom performs gentle adjustments on all his pediatric practice members, some of which are even as light as a finger touch, especially when it comes to adjusting infants and small children.  Pediatric chiropractors also have specialized training when working with young children to provide the best possible care and to help alleviate common childhood ailments, such as ear infections, colic, and more.

Health Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Children

Children need a good night’s rest so that they can grow and develop properly, yet some children struggle to go to sleep and stay asleep at night. This can be stressful for both the child and the parent, since no one can sleep if the child isn’t sleeping. Chiropractic can aid in better sleep habits for children.  Subluxations (or misalignments in the spine) may be disrupting nerve signals from the spine to the brain.  Adjustments will correct the misalignments and allow for proper nerve function and better sleep at night, benefiting both the child and the parents.  Also, pediatric chiropractic adjustments have been known to help with ear, nose, and throat problems, GI issues, and body pains or tightness in the upper backs and necks of young children. 

Behavior problems can also be a big struggle for parents and their children.  Bentonville chiropractor Dr. Tom Niemela, wants to help.  ADHD has become a routine diagnosis for children with behavior issues, and it often leads to medication for the child without correcting the root of the problem. Over-medicating can be a concern as medications come with scary side-effects and associated risks, and some medications can even change the personality of your child.  Before resorting to medication, try Bentonville chiropractic care.  Because the attention center is in the brain and the brain and spine work together to make up the central nervous system, focusing on the spine will improve nerve function and communication within the body, improving that attention center for your child.  Pediatric chiropractic care will balance the body and brain to allow for proper growth and development, leading to overall improved behavior in children.

Pediatric Chiropractic Works!

Many case studies have been done to show the correlation between pediatric chiropractic care and better sleep patterns and behavior in children.  In one such study, a 7-year-old girl suffered from Prader-Willi Syndrome and sleep disorders.  Within 6 months of chiropractic care, she saw several health benefits and also slept more soundly and had more energy. Several other case studies have shown that chiropractic can help students with ADHD.  One such high school student displayed low morale and was failing three subjects in school.  After consistently seeing a chiropractor, the student had increased motivation and was passing all subjects in school.

If your child is suffering from sleep deprivation or behavior issues, contact Bentonville chiropractor Dr. Tom Niemela at Arbor Vitae Chiropractic for more information about how pediatric chiropractic care can help.



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